Friday, July 8, 2011

Treat Your New Wooden Deck

If you’ve just had a new wooden deck constructed, the first thing to do is weatherproof the wood.  This will protect your new deck from the weather.  You should also apply a sealant to your existing wooden deck to ensure the protection will last through the coming year.

Before treating your deck you have to get it as free from debris as possible.  If the deck is new then this should only be loose dirt and leaves blowing around the yard.  Sweep away any sawdust remaining from the project.

The contractor should have smoothed out any rough boards but if that’s not the case, do this step before applying your sealant. This can be done with just a piece of sand paper.

Once you’ve got the deck clean and smooth, it’s time to start applying the sealer. It’s possible to do this with a regular paintbrush or roller but a paint sprayer works much better.  It also gives you a better, more uniform finish.  A handheld paintbrush can be used for the smaller, hard to reach areas. To prepare the area, make sure you cover all nearby foliage and surrounding areas to avoid random deck finish hitting items it shouldn’t.

Your local hardware store will carry the various types of deck sealants.  A deck sealant improves the durability of the wood and will help prevent deterioration of the wood over time. A wood sealant will help prevent damage to your deck from all the elements including sunshine. The wood absorbs the sealant while it places a protective barrier around the wood.

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